Alien Siege

Description: Alien Siege is a modern space invaders style arcade shooter, in which an alien spaceship attacks Earth. It is advanced enough to make it to Earth and equipped with laser cannon to wipe out human civilization. As the aircraft floats across and down, player’s objective is to shoot lasers and destroy buildings. Once the city is leveled the spaceship landing is secured and users can proceed to the next level. Unique score for lives trading system is incorporated at the end of each level which allows players to be more strategic in how they play the game. Game-play is simple and fast paced as players battle their way through different levels. Alien Siege is a multi-platform and cross-browser game that explores minimalistic design and resolution independent game-play. Its design is sleek and utilises landscape and portrait responsive formatting so it is compatible on any device. It uses a compact JSON representation of the game animation, which is rendered using SVG, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Link to the game source files is also provided. The game itself was supposed to be a Space Invaders clone entirely conceived and developed with Canvas and CSS3. The technical challenge was also to recreate a smooth Flash experience using only HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript without the need of any web plugins. Than I thought I should try a modern and organised approach in game architecture and push the boundaries and come up with a fresh and innovative game design rather than something retro - there is more than enough of blocky and pixelated 8 bit clones. I decided to replace Canvas with SVG although I knew this will seriously impact the memory requirements of the game, but I felt this was the best way to create resolution independent vector graphics game. Certainly I was fully aware that SVGs aren’t necessarily the best solution in all situations.
Instructions: Use your mouse to play this game.